Thermally Broken Windows

Thermally broken windows or a thermal break is the term used to describe placing an insulating barrier between the outside and inside portions of the window frame and between the 2 panes of Glass in a double glazed window. 

Thermally Broken Aluminium Windows illustration (This picture illustrates the process with the thermal break shown in red.)  Heat naturally wants to flow from a warmer space to a cooler space. In terms of windows this means in summer heat wants to flow from the hot exterior of your home to the cooler interior. In winter the process is reversed in that the Heat from inside your warm home TRIES to escape to the cold exteriors.

Thermal Break insulation is therefore designed to provide resistance to heat flow. Overcoming this natural process means of course incurring energy COSTS via heating or cooling to retain or restrict heat.

High Performance Windows

High performance double glazed  thermally  broken aluminium windows  are designed to stop this transference of heat or cold. This is important as up to 50% of heat transfer  can be via your windows and doors.

This process is particularly important in association with Aluminium window and door frames. Aluminium is the material of choice for most window frames and has a wide range of positive benefits, double glazing and thermally broken windows are just one of them.